What We'll Explore

How our society defines race, and how our lived experience from the perspective of race impacts the care we provide, patients’ perceptions, experiences, and health outcomes.

    1. Introduction & Learning Objectives: What Is Race?

    2. Baseline Self-Assessment Survey (All responses are anonymous & confidential)

    3. The Genetics of Race

    4. Are Ethnicity & Culture the Same as Race?

    5. Race is a Social Construct. What Does That Mean?

    6. Quiz: What Is Race?

    1. Introduction & Learning Objectives: Race vs. Racism

    2. What Is Colonialism?

    3. Historical Context: Colonialism & Slavery

    4. Historical Context: Legislated Racial Discrimination

    5. How Did We Get Here?

    6. Self-Reflection: Historical Context of Race in the United States

    7. How Is Race Defined in the United States Today?

    8. Why Is Self-Identification Important?

    9. Survey: Self-Identification: Race

    10. Self-Reflection: Racial Identity

    11. Is Talking About Race Racist?

    12. Race vs. Racism

    13. Quiz: Race vs. Racism

    14. Self-Reflection: Race vs. Racism

    1. Introduction & Learning Objectives: Why Does Race Matter?

    2. Why Race Matters: Implicit Bias

    3. Follow-Up Self-Assessment Survey

    4. Quiz: Implicit Bias

    5. Self-Reflection: Implicit Bias

    6. Why Race Matters: Impact on Systems & Institutions

    7. Why Race Matters In Healthcare: Social Determinants of Health

    8. Quiz: Social Determinants of Health

    9. Self-Reflection: Social Determinants of Health

    1. Introduction & Learning Objectives: Where Do We Start?

    2. Empathy & Accountability

    3. Equity & Health Equity

    4. Implicit Association Test

    5. Anti-Racist Action

    6. Self-Reflection: Where Do We Start?

    7. Quiz: Where Do We Start?

    8. Anti-racist Actions I will Take

    9. REQUIRED Course Evaluation for CE Credit

    10. Self-Reflection: Final Thoughts

    11. Thank You!

About this course

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  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • 2.0 CE/CME/CEUs
  • 25 Quiz Questions


What People Are Saying

A valuable and worthwhile learning experience

Robyn - Nurse Practitioner

The course was an excellent continuing education opportunity and time well spent. The citations and resources are extensive (equal to a semester college course). I enjoyed the self-paced learning platform, engaging videos, and self-reflection opportunities. Juliette Blount, ARNP, is a skilled teacher who connects the history of racism to present-day healthcare equity challenges while providing skill-building opportunities for clinical conversations. In my experience, finding a CEU course that provides this much impact is rare. I highly recommend this course.

Excellent title! Few courses bother to define

Patricia - Nurse Practitioner

The definitions alone should stimulate thinking and reconstructing world views. The curated resources include links that are broad-ranging in source and uniformly well done. The course is taught with expertise and delivered with compassion for the difficult work involved in reflection and change pertinent to racism and implicit bias.

The course for all healthcare providers!

Barbara - Nurse Practitioner

When I started this course, I did not expect to necessarily learn a lot of new concepts as I felt reasonably well versed in this topic, but I was wrong. I did learn a lot, and I can't wait to dive into some of the additional available resources. This is really a journey into knowing yourself and how that translates into our work with our patients and the communities in which we work—highly recommended!

Engaging and thoughtful course on bias in healthcare

Eddie - Nurse Practitioner

This informative and thoughtful course can start the process of identifying our own biases and why this affects our ability to see and care for others. It provides a preliminary understanding of concepts of race, social determinants of health, and health equity. I recommend this course to anyone open to learning more about improving their own healthcare work.

Eye-opening and enlightening

Barb - Nurse Practitioner

Juliette Blount is an exceptional educator, and I have learned so much! She breaks down this complicated and potentially emotionally triggering topic, making it accessible, informative, and actionable. I appreciated the historical context, much of which I was unaware, and the resources available in each chapter. Quizzes and time for reflection personalized the course and made it much easier to apply what I learned. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in providing equitable healthcare.

Very Comprehensive, Thorough, and Much Needed Course

Adrienne - Nurse Informatics Consultant

Juliette G. Blount, The Health Equity NP, hit the ball out of the park with this course! She delves into the historical roots of race in the United States. While acknowledging that the content may be unfamiliar to some, she affirms the individual work necessary to optimize patient outcomes. A highlight of the course is the incorporation of time and space for self-reflection, which fosters the self-awareness crucial in healthcare and our personal lives. The content is thoroughly evidence-based, supported by extensive references cited throughout. This course offers a fresh perspective and an equity lens as we seek to improve ourselves as clinicians and, more importantly, as human beings.

Meet Your Instructor

The Health Equity NP

Juliette G. Blount, The Health Equity NP, is an experienced speaker and educator in racial health disparities and health equity. Her talks focus on personal transformation and offer critical foundational concepts and language to inform future conversations about race, implicit bias in healthcare, and anti-racist action. Ms. Blount is also a practicing Adult Nurse Practitioner in New York City, providing Primary and GYN Primary Healthcare to diverse patient populations. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Howard University, received her Master’s in Nursing and Adult Nurse Practitioner Certification from Hunter College of the City University of New York, and is an Alumna of the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program.


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course for 1 year! You can also download the slides to review offline. It may take time to process what you learned, especially if you are new to these concepts. We hope students will return to the course to access the resources and continue learning.

  • How much time does the course take?

    The video content will take about 90 minutes. The quizzes and self-reflection exercises will take extra time, depending on your grasp of the information and how thoughtful you are in your responses. Diving into the recommended learning resources could send you down a rabbit hole but will enhance your knowledge of the content and overall experience with the course.

  • What if the content makes me feel uncomfortable?

    Learning about race, racism, and implicit bias can be challenging. Explore the resources provided in each lesson, especially those triggering for you, to learn more about the topics. Use the self-reflection exercises as an opportunity for introspection, processing your feelings, growth, and transformation. Ultimately, this course will introduce you to foundational concepts and language that will inform future conversations and inspire lifelong learning. Please Note: Your responses to all surveys and quizzes throughout the course are anonymous & confidential.

  • What kind of Continuing Education Credits will I receive?

    The course is Joint Accredited and provides 2.0 Continuing Education/ Continuing Medical Education (CE/CME/CEU) to multiple professions to improve multidisciplinary knowledge and collaboration, including ANCC for CRNAs, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Physical and Occupational Therapists; AMA PRA Category 1Credit(s)TM for Physicians, Psychiatrists, Residents, and Fellows; and IACET for Dieticians, Dental Hygienists, Medical Assistants and Technicians, Phlebotomists, Therapists, and many other Allied Health Professionals. Please check with your specific regulatory boards, employers, or other agencies to confirm which CE/CME/CEUs will be accepted.

  • Where is my Continuing Education Certificate?

    After completing the course, you should see a "Get Your Certificate" button at the top of the left navigation panel. If you do not see the button, please refresh your page. Or, you can always download a copy of the certificate by going to your account, clicking the dropdown under your name, and navigating to "certificates" in the left panel.

  • What if a resource link doesn't open?

    Some of the external links are slow to open. Please be patient. If, however, you notice a broken link, please let us know.

  • How can my entire team/ facility access this course?

    Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

  • This course is so fantastic I want to give it as a gift!

    Thank you! We are so glad you found the content impactful. And, yes. You can share the course as a gift to friends or colleagues as long as you have their preferred email address and follow these steps: Log In => Click the dropdown menu next to your name => Click "My Account" => Click "Order History" => Click on your course order number => Click "Buy Again" => Check the "This is a gift" box => Fill in the recipient's email, name, write a personal gift note, and complete the purchase.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Unfortunately, because the content for this online course can be completed in less than 24 hours, once the course is purchased, there are no refunds.

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